The Many Prospect of the Elon Goat $EGT Meme Token


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Imagine a world of infinite possibilities, a world where the impossible is defined by just how much you can dream, can imagine. A world filled with untapped potentials and vast richness, enriching the very fabric of society. 


From the ends of the world, you can behold astonishing wonders, breathe and bask in the glorious freshness, soothing and unifying warmth it brings on. A world where the limits of man’s mind is stretched wider constantly to achieve the unthinkable in the advancements of humanity. 


While this may sound like a copy from a sci-fi story, a look into the life of the greatest innovator pushing the boundaries of renewable energy, and space exploration, will give a return and better understanding, and appreciation of what you just read above with graphic imagination. This is Elon Musk. The CEO of Tesla Inc., leading Electric Vehicle manufacturer; SpaceX, the leading private sector space exploration company with recorded significant leaps in advancing mankind’s journey to space.


Elon Musk has cemented himself as a powerful figure in the business and technology communities across the globe. He has also shown interest in other technologies aside EV’s, and Space, through Neural Links, he’s attempting a brain interfacing technology that will enable man control tech with the mind. He’s also interested in crypto with noticeable discussions around Dogecoin, Bitcoin. 


In celebration of this magnificent and outstanding inventor, innovator and businessman; his contribution to humanity and advancement of the human race, the creators of the Elon Goat token are building a biblical-size monument to honour Elon Musk. 


The monument is expected to cost above US $600k and 2/3 of that sum have been paid to contractors and or retained by Danny Wang (a design-build firm ) to make progress payments. 


Aiming to capture attention, the Elon Goat monument will feature real rocket fire, smoke, lasers, concert lighting and music. A global spectacle that is sure to go viral beyond crypto and into mainstream media. 


The monument will go on a 2-week media event tour prior to being presented to Elon at his office.


What Next After Creation & Presentation of the Monument 

Some of the lure of meme tokens or the reasons meme tokens gain widespread adoption is the vitality built into and the idea it represents. The personality of Elon Musk and how he has moved the crypto market in the past adds weight to the possible upward drive of the EGT token. But the question that that comes is after the presentation of the monument to Elon Musk and acceptance of same, what happens to the EGT token? Will that be the end? 


While this defining question may come to the mind of anyone, the Elon Goat token team has come up with some innovations. 


In a recent AMA with Ashley Sansalone a member of the EGT team, hosted Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe, and broadcasted on CryptoTvplus, he said; the team is working to bring the EGT token to the Ethereum community through an ETH-BSC bridge. This will enable influx of liquidity and people from the ethereum community, thus growing the EGT community. 


The Elon Goat team will also work to facilitate fiat buying. This means, people will be able to buy $EGT with fiat, and also spend it like fiat through partnerships that will be coming up, to be announced. 

They will also amongst other things launch a charity program in Africa with focus on renewable energy. 


The foundation and success of meme tokens are based on principal factors such as community, openness, trust and commitment to the project. These are foundational principles the Elon Goat team are just about and it’ll be interesting to see the full picture of the Elon Goat monument, and the smile on Elon Musk’s face when it is presented to him. 


The monument is near completion, and more updates will be communicated in coming weeks.