You stroll into a party organized by your pals, armed with an air of confidence and wearing a stunning basic blue dress matched with stiletto boots. You brace yourself for compliments the moment you see them.

No one mentions your attire after multiple hugs and greets. You begin to question what went wrong in your thinking. Our best judgment is that your attire said, “Look at me, I’m simple.” And no one thinks a simple dress is worth complimenting.

The term “basic” does not always refer to the style of the dress you are wearing, but rather to the color. Plain-colored gowns, on the other hand, are becoming cliché and dull, missing the dramatic flair your appearance sorely need. So, the greatest method to attract compliments and attention is to wear a dress with a dramatic and loud aspect… anything made of a printed cloth.

Print clothing is a must-have in every lady’s wardrobe. Prints, from the iconic leopard print to the stripes, are a fashion trend to take on if you’re still sticking to safe colors.

In this post, we recommend five prints for your consideration.

The leopard print

Leopard print

Remember when we stated that prints were a must-have? This print, on the other hand, is a must-have. This print screams “expensive,” “independence,” “confidence,” and “sexiness.”

Wear a leopard print shirt or gown to channel your inner 80s fashionista.

Floral pattern

Floral print
Floral print

Spring would never be complete without florals (see what we did there?). Floral continues to demonstrate its versatility by offering a variety of forms and designs. Floral’s prominence provides as inspiration for numerous runway collections around the world.

So, while considering what to wear to work, a wedding, the beach, or, if you dare, a funeral, make flower print dresses your first choice.

The zebra print

Zebra print
Zebra print

If you’re envious of how lovely zebras are, then hop on board this print train. While dressing a zebra print dress may appear complicated, it also provides a fresh and current touch on your appearance.

Consider yourself walking down the street in a zebra print jumpsuit and an oversized white coat. That is quite a sight to behold.

Snakeskin pattern

Snakeskin print
Snakeskin print

Why should you put this print on? Rihanna, in a nutshell. Snakes may not be the friendliest of creatures, but we can all agree that they have incredible skin.

Snakeskin prints have it all, from the texture to the sheen. Who knows, maybe dressing in a monochromatic snakeskin ensemble will make you the most trendy lady on the planet.

Print using Tie and Dye

Tie and Dye print
Tie and Dye print

A rapidly growing print style throughout the world, particularly in Nigeria. We are finding the limitless potential of tie and dye through numerous fashion developments. Tie and dye are no longer utilized for traditional attire; instead, we see a modern adaptation in the form of hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, bags, and so on.

Prints not only provide your appearance the extra appeal it requires, but they also generate an impression of your identity.