Here are five ways to know when a lady you are asking out on a date is not interested or attracted to you.

The tips will help guys avoid getting involved in a relationship whereby their energy will be drained by a lady all for nothing.

  1. Showing up late to a date

A lady showing up to a date is a huge sign that she’s really not interested in you. Perhaps, she just showed up to enjoy the meal which you are likely going to pay for. Then she will give all kinds of flimsy excuses like she got stuck in traffic blah blah blah.

If a lady is really interested in you, she would show up on time and not waste your time. Showing up late to a date is a sign of disrespect. Imagine she got an invite to show up for an interview at her dream job, do you think she will show up late? No, she won’t. She will ensure she wakes up early and hit the road on time to beat traffic or whatever might delay her.

  1. Not well dressed for a date

A lady going for an interview at her dream job is expected to dress well. Let’s say her dream is to work for an oil company, if she gets an interview invite, she’ll definitely dress well to impress and stand out among competition. If you are the kind of man a lady has been dreaming of having a relationship with, she will put in enough effort to ensure she looks great for the date. But when she shows up looking regular or far below what she used to look like before you asked her out on a date, then it is a sign that she doesn’t consider you worth her energy. That’s a sign that she’s not interested in you.

  1. Her response to your text messages is slow

Believe me guys, ladies have all the time in the world and are always with their phone. So, don’t ever be of the impression that she was way too busy that was why she couldn’t reply to your text messages. The reason why she isn’t replying your text is simply that she doesn’t find you interesting or she’s not into you. If a lady is into you, your messages will look like a bank credit alert on her mobile phone. She’ll cherish the conversation you both have and will most times initiate it. Trust me, if a lady is not responding to your messages, she’s definitely giving her attention to some other guy, which defeats the idea that the reason why she wasn’t replying to your messages was that she was too busy.

  1. She acts masculine

Masculine energy is for men while feminine energy is for women. When a lady displays masculine energy around a man who is into her, it is a sign that she’s not into him. The masculine energy that I’m talking about is when a woman displays this unwelcoming attitude. This could be the way she replies your questions, the way she looks at you and the demands she makes of you. When you ask her a question as simple as “Do you like watching movies?’, she finds it irritating, thereby giving an irritating answer. When out on a date with such a lady, she will order way more than she can eat, all in a bid to hurt your wallet. It shows she doesn’t care about you. But a feminine lady will be kind around you and willing to make things easy for you, that’s if she’s interested in you. So, guys, A girl that is into you will help you exhibit your masculine energy which will complement her feminine energy.

  1. She doesn’t respect you

The worst situation a guy can find himself in is to be going after a lady that doesn’t respect him. When a lady has no respect for you, she’ll be eager to use you for your resources and manipulate you. When you call, she won’t pick up the phone nor will she call back. She will ghost you on WhatsApp and only reply to your messages days later. When you invite her out on a date, she will want to be the one to pick the venue. She might even flake on you by not showing up. Look guys, when you see these signs, don’t hesitate to see more, just flee from her. There are tonnes of good girls out there who will cherish and respect you. Don’t waste your time on that one who doesn’t respect you.

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