Famous Nigerian crossdresser Denrele Edun has been attacked by Nigerians for shamelessly admitting that he had a sexual relationship with the late famous entertainer, Susan Oluwabimpe Filani, popularly addressed as Goldie.

Denrele made this declaration during an interview with Neecee Bosslady.

Denrele admitted that he and Goldie had a few intimate moments even when many considered their relationship platonic. He also added that there were times when they were caught up in the moment and had a few encounters despite knowing her marital status.

He said: “A lot of people thought we were friends. We have few intimate moments….

“I knew she was married of course. We kept that a secret. We had a few.. (entered the corner)….”

In reaction to Denrele Edun’s statement, Nigerians bashed him for disrespecting Goldie’s name and not being discreet about their intimacy.

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Shadelove: You just messed her legacy up with this your nonsense Derele, some things are better left unspoken 😏I wondered then too when you cried more than the be bereaved.. 🙄Na una sabi yeyenotu

precious_nonso_eze: He is just trying to COVER something, knowing that the lady isn’t alive to defend herself over this.

gift_stunning: The way he even says it…so disrespectfuly ..oga some things are better left unsaid..

loooola568: This was totally Unnecessary. Have some respect for the dead, her husband and her family. NONSENSE

her_exellency_nini: U should have taken tgat away with you nonsense

ewatomilola_beaut: Result of making the opposite a bestie, that shit ain’t easy, they will end up kisisng and smushing that’s if it’s doesn’t end in s*x sef.

Bennysouzamedia: Some things are best taken to the grave! You see no one is dragging him for having anything to do with a married woman! Wait till it’s a woman who has such an allegation!