Sickle cell warrior, Precious Gaza has narrated how she dealt with a fellow patient who disrupted her sleep with loud prayers at night.

Taking to Twitter, the businesswoman said she couldn’t sleep all night because a patient and her family members were praying and playing music at the loudest volume.

Precious said she approached them to tone down their prayers but they refused and thought her to be an enemy for wanting to disturb their prayers.

According to her, she decided to pay them back in their own coin and brought out her JBL speaker to also play music. She said they were disturbed by the music and told her to turn the speaker off because someone wanted to sleep but she also refused.

Sickle cell warrior, Precious Gaza

She however disclosed that she eventually turned it off when she was ready to sleep.

Read as she wrote below,

“I didn’t sleep all night cuz the patient next to me and her family were playing music to the loudest and shouting.

It’s my own turn to do worship, I have brought out my JBL speakers and now they’ve come to tell me someone wants to sleep.

No pls, may the best worshipper win 🙏🏻

Because when I went to beg them to reduce their voices, they were looking at me like I was a witch who was trying to stop them from praying.

First to do no dey pain

I want to jam to Maverick city pls 🙏🏻

UPDATE: I don off am 🙏🏻

I announced that I’d like to sleep to makeup for last night and the ward is dead quiet.

Unfortunate that Nigerians only understand, or respond to violence and pettiness.”

See below,