A Nigeria woman is currently in a celebratory mood as she welcome a set of twins after 16 years of marriage. 

Friends and family members have taken to Facebook to thank God and congratulate the woman on the arrival of her bundle of joy.

The new mum’s sister, Grace Nwojo Chinyere wrote,

“Thank you Lord, for blessings my sister with beautiful twins after many years of having the first kid. Who is like unto de glorious in Holiness, faithful in praising doing wonders, the unchangeable God, the I am that I am. I don’t know what to give you that will qualify what you have done for us. All am saying is thank you Lord.”

Another Facebook user, Joy Nina Light, wrote, “After 16 years of waiting upon the Lord, just today the lord answered us by blessing given us a twins(boy /girl). To God b the glory for for this double blessing. Congratulations to you mama EJIMA”.