Outspoken Nollywood actress, Chioma Ifemeludike has slammed Pastor Elijah Emenendu for allegedly defiling three brothers in Lagos State by saying he wanted to release power into them through their anus.

The suspect, whose church is located at Ajeromi area of Ajegunle, was said to have lured and raped the siblings several times before one of them got the courage to speak up.

According to reports, Emenendu started having anal sex with the eldest sibling after prophesying that God wants him to stop Yahoo Yahoo.

Ifemeludike on her part lambasted the cleric calling him a cursed man with mental issues.

She also warned mothers to stop running from one church to another seeing to know their future, thereby endangering the lives of their children.

Sharing photo of the accused Man Of god, Chioma Ifemeludike wrote, “This is such a disgusting 🤮 story to read today on the news. I hope this man is locked 🔒 up forever and he never sees the light of day. This man (pastor) has mental problem, he is cursed and unfortunately their are thousands of them today parading themselves as “men of god”, their members worship and can defend them with their lives. The number of churches and god of men in Nigeria both offline and online is disturbing, this should remind us of the signs to look out for in the last days before the coming of our lord Jesus Christ. Dear women, stop jumping from one ministry, crusade,church etc. to another, exposing your kids to perverts,your homes to false prophecies and demonic doctrines. God can answer you even in your bedroom, get on your knees, pray , read your bible, live a holy life even if you must attend a church because the bible says iron sharpenth iron then ask God for the spirit of discernment, Find a bible living church (by their fruits you shall know them), stop looking for quick miracles and people to foresee your future. Leave your future alone, God left it a misery for a reason. Ana’epio yali.”