A Nigerian businessman has shared his concerns after his beneficiary was charged N500,000 as rent for a room and parlor apartment in Lagos.

@Morris_monye took to Twitter to make this disclosure as he called on the Lagos state Government to regulate the cost of rent in the metropolitan city.

He tweeted,

“Someone called that she saw accommodation in Mushin for a single bed with parlor. I tell her no problem that I will foot the bill for her. As an afterthought, I ask her how much she said rent is 500k.

Ok I send my guy there to meet the landlord directly and it’s indeed 500k

Govt should do something about the high cost of rents in Lagos. The landlord even demanded 2yrs rent.”

In other news, a Nigerian man with AS genotype has sparked mixed reactions online after he disclosed his plans to marry an AS woman despite the risk of them birthing a child with SS genotype.

He wrote,

“As an “AS” genotyped individual, after having many failed relationships, I finally met this new babe 2 months ago, we got talking, she happens to be everything I want in my woman but she is AS too, which she is aware of. I am going to take this leap of faith and settle down

With her, I know the fate that brought us together will make sure things go well in our nearest future.”