A lady has turned to the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to express her annoyance after her mum took her pair of sneakers without permission.

The lady who shared a screenshot of her chat with her mum noted that she took her Nike sneakers and forgot them in her friend’s car, and this made her extremely furious.

In the chat, the lady lashed out at her mum while berating her for disregarding her and always taking her things without her permission.

“Turns out my mom took my Nike sneakers and forgot them in her friend’s car on top of that. I have never been so angry in my life. I’m so angry I’m holding back tears. I’m also emotional because I know this will spiral me back to depression.” She tweeted.

However, while some tweeps noted that her anger is justified, others noted that a pair of shoes is not enough to speak to her mum in that manner.

@miss_fine_wine wrote, “I understand how you feel. But one day she’s going to be no more and think about this tweet and get into more depression. Tell her she’s wrong then it ends there, My mom is exactly like yours but the older we get the more I realise that parents are just bored kids.”

@gechife, “If a pair of shoes will put you in a depression, issues are deeper. Please understand you are so blessed to have ur mum. Don’t ever lose an opportunity to appreciate her. Whatever your issues, try to speak to her with respect and kindness. She deserves that from you please.”

Read the chat below,