Nollywood actor, Gideon Okeke has called out filmmaker, Frank Rajah for allegedly owing him half a million naira.

Gideon Okeke claimed that he has been quiet for over 3 years about the debt.

He further claimed that alot of influential and important personalities are aware of the debt.

Quoting Frank Rajah’s word, he stated that he questioned if people would beat him over the debt.

According to Gideon, if there was structure in Nollywood, Frank wouldn’t dare bully him or try to outsmart him.

Gideon stated that Frank is one of the horrible bosses in Nollywood but would keep things silent till he releases the film or sell it to a VOD portal.

“The filmmaker, Frank Rajah and owes Me 500k! I’ve been quiet for 3years now. Some very important and influential people known this. But like Frank says : “Dem go beat me ni?” If there were structures, this kneegar wouldn’t dare bully himself or try to outsmart me of My “SWEAT EQUITY”. You’ve heard of horrible bosses in Nollywood yea? This kneegar one!

But let’s all wait for him in front.
The day his madness pushes him to release the film.or sell it to a VOD portal.

The film is titled : THE BAG MAN.
In the event of a title change, if you see My Face ANYWHERE in a film by him, abeg shout FOUL PLAY for Me!

Fuck it!!!

That money will come in hand right now,
And on any given day!
Anybody know that kneegar, talk to him!”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Gideon Okeke lamented over the dwindling economic in the country.

The TV presenter revealed how he was fraud shamed by a fuel attendant who said he would only sell to Yahoo boys as they don’t bargain prices.

He recounted how the guy almost shamed him for not being unscrupulous.

Gideon Okeke calls out Frank Rajah