These touts Thiefnubu put on the road in the name of LASTMA ehnnn….causing havoc. So much boldness.
According to the name, they are supposed to do everything possible to ensure that his car doesn’t obstruct traffic on the bridge. Why towing it to their office? For personal settlement? I mean a car can break down unexpectedly even after road worthy declaration right? They ought to have eased the car owner’s tension and not aggravate it.
I remember entering a bus lane by mistake in Canada. Next thing I heard was siren behind me. I thought to myself, Chai my life don finish oo( as per naija babe wey I be). Cos the ticket is usually around $300. I just dey say Jesus continuously until the officer approached me. I had to greet with Sir at the end ooo. The only thing he asked was ” ma’am where are you headed “? I told him I was going home but didn’t realize I entered the bus lane. He didn’t allow me to finish explaining sef, he said ” I need you to speed up as fast as possible and leave this lane ok? Cos your being here would result to a collision. Do not look back ok ?” I said Yes sir….omo, na so I take escape ooo. Oyibo thinks ahead about the after effect of an incident…Naija na the money them go milk from you them dey look. Mind you, police officers in Canada earns a point for every ticket they issue. But this particular guy looked above the point and thought of the possibility of an accident occurring if I don’t leave immediately.

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