Jada Pollock, the manager of Nigerian singer Wizkid, has reacted to the norm of constantly being called the singer’s babymama.

Jada Pollock took to the microblogging platform to express excitement after American University used Wizkid as a case study.

Wizkid’s manager questioned how impactful it was, and a troll referred to her as a supportive baby mama.

Another Twitter user tackled the troll saying that Jada Pollock should not be called a baby mama as there are many other ways to classify her.

Responding to the tweets, Jada Pollock said she hopes that the narrative of being called a babymama will change one day.

According to Jada Pollock, sometimes she wonders if she would be titled as baby daddy if she was a man.

She wrote: One day, the narrative will change. I’m hopeful I often wonder if I was a man if I would still be titled this way? Always no one cares we just keep working.

Kemi Filani News earlier reported that Wizkid, during his recent music tour, revealed his interest in getting a new wife.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, Wizkid insists he is a single father and hopes to catch a wife on the music tour.

A few hours later, Jade Pollock took to her Instagram page to drop a cryptic message. According to Jada Pollock, not everything people think is real are real.

Keep in your zone. Not everything you think is real is real