Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky is currently in Edo State for the star studded wedding of skincare expert, Jenny Glow’s.

The socialite who was once embarrassed 2 months back following his controversial state asking the Oba of Benin to marry him, has made a return to the state.

Bobrisky who is known for his love of making a grand entrance at an event was relatively low key.

In the video uploaded by tori4town, the crossdresser was dressed in all black with veil covering his face.

Influencer, Papaya ex and the person who recorded him were seen making a mockery of him for his dress sense.

Kemi Filani news recalls in January, many Nigerians mocked the crossdresser after he was reportedly chased out of Edo State.

While Bobrisky was being driven in convoy, he made a video showing his excitement and made a joke about the Oba of Benin wanting to marry him.

Following the viral video, it was reported that Bobrisky was chased out of the state.

In the video which made rounds on social media, an anonymous male voice was heard saying the people of Edo State have no connection with Bobrisky.

He added that on no account must Bobrisky be allowed in the state for making a joke about their Oba, adding they had sent Bob out of the state.

The anonymous voice said: We don’t have any connection with Bobrisky. On no account will he be here, he has already been sent out of the state, He took the 12 pm flight to Lagos.