The unique love story of a Nigerian man and his young wife has got people talking on social media.

The young man joined a viral TikTok challenge, showing how he met his wife when she was only a minor and how she has now grown to be a beautiful woman and, above all, his wife.

Sharing the beautiful before and after slideshow of themselves, the man described his wife as his best friend.

Reacting to the video an Instagram user @nikkydaves wrote, “Child abuse !! Child abuse !! So since she was underage he has been grooming/nursing her for marriage”.

@thesaviour_oftheparty, “Like dis guy Legit got this girl since she was a child, nurtured her, waited till she grew and married her??? Ah! Northerners are really part of NIGERIA’S BIGGEST PROBLEM.”

@the_3k_shop,” He has loved her since when she was a child and waited for her to become an adult before marrying her and I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing but then she looks happy and i am glad about that 😍”.

@iamnnedimma, “Regina no do pass this one”.

@chiskyetc, “In sane country he would be in a sex offender list but in one religion in many countries it is ordained by their “chukwuabiama”

Watch video below,