Popular Ghanaian actor turned politician, John Dumelo who had bragged that his country’s football team will floor their Nigerian opponents at the much anticipated match on Friday, March 25, has further mocked the super eagles team.

The movie star via his Instagram page had claimed that there’s no way the Nigerian team will win the match and even if they eventually do, he would trek barefooted from Accra to Lagos.

He wrote: “There’s no way Nigeria will win today’s match. If they do, I John Setor Dumelo will walk barefoot from Accra to Lagos tomorrow morning with my ginger on my head. Super Eagles my foot,” he wrote.

As the match went goal less yesterday, John Dumelo bragged further by calling Nigerian team Super Chickens.

“Dear Super Chickens, I was very confident that you will not win this game. But before you leave for Naija, I have free Ginger from my farm for you. Yours Truly, John Dumelo. Son of Likpe.”

He also added, “I know a lot of people wanted to see me walk from Accra to Lagos this morning, if Super  Eagles had won. I am a man of my words, I would have walked but spiritually. I knew what I was saying. Kudos to Super Eagles and Black stars. Yours Truly John Dumelo.”

It was a scrappy affair in Kumasi as Ghana hosted Nigeria in the first leg of the World Cup qualifier.

The hosts started strong, looking to test the Nigerian backline with long balls over the top. The visitors took a while to get into the game. 

While their defenders withstood the Ghanaian attacks, they struggle to hold the ball up the pitch, and their attempts at pressing made it easier for Ghana to get the ball forward.

However, the match ended goalless.