Some netizens have schooled former Big Brother Naija Housemate Ka3na Jones after saying she does not have ‘suffer head’ photos to join Kumama Challenge.

For some days now, many people, including Nigerian celebrities, have been engaging in the Kumama throwback challenge revealing their growth and expressing appreciation to God.

In the Kumama Challenge, people share slide photos of the throwback transformation and their current pictures.

However, Ka3na seemed different about the challenge stating she could not join the challenge as she doesn’t have photos of herself that connote suffering.

Ka3na also expressed surprise at some people’s before and after images.

She wrote: I for do this Kumama challenge but I no get any suffer head pictures. Ah some people before and after images … lol.

As expected, many social media users reacted by saying Kumama Challenge is not about suffering but more growth and transformation.

Others also lashed out at Ka3na, stating that throwback does not mean someone was suffering, adding they rarely see the luxury she is always claiming to be leaving.

iits_debbiee wrote: So you are telling me this is how you are since you were young….do you really think that challenge is all about suffering……it’s more of growth…and I think everyone as been through growth….even Elon musk can do that challenge….empty barrel makes the loudest noise….mtttchew.

angel_osuma wrote: Let the internet help you dig them out.

everythingjessy wrote: We don’t even see the luxury she’s claiming to be leaving

alluringbenny wrote: It’s not about suffer head , it’s about your younger self…. Like growing up.. that how I see it though 

bey_amoure wrote: Throwback doesn’t mean you were suffering or where u an adult all through your life