We elected you into office to serve us and not for us to serve you - Sultan of Sokoto tells FG to address hike in food prices

The Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Abubakar has asked the federal government to address the hike in food prices across the country.


Speaking on Saturday March 26, at the closing ceremony of the 2022 national Qur’an recitation competition in Bauchi state, the Sultan asked the federal government to work towards improving the economy, especially considering the forthcoming Ramadan season.


The monarch who told political leaders that they were elected to serve Nigerians and not for Nigerians to serve them, also appealed to traders to avoid increasing prices of foodstuffs during the fasting period.


He said; 


“I think it is left to all of us in authority to work together and bring this rise in cost of foodstuffs to affordable levels, so that all of us can have a successful Ramadan.

“I believe it’s not too much to ask government. After all, we elected you into office to serve us and not for us to serve you.

“I use this medium to call on all market people who sell things to be fearful of what Almighty God will ask them when they get to him on the day of judgment.

“Instead of increasing prices of foodstuffs and other essentials, please try to reduce the prices so as to get the blessing of Almighty God.”


Also commenting on the 2023 general election, the Sultan said; 


“Do not make it a do-or-die affair because God already knows who is going to be the leader come 2023, whether at state or federal level”