Self acclaimed relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, AKA Blessing CEO has written an open letter to her future husband about infidelity.

The divorced social media celebrity stated clearly that she would divorce her husband if she finds out he cheated.

She also urged him to do same if he catches her involving in extra marital affairs.

Blessing CEO said this in reaction to actress Chizzy Alichi’s statement that she will not leave her husband, even if he cheats.

Blessing CEO wrote: “Dear future husband, If you cheat on me, I will divorce you. If I cheat on you, divorce me. If you have not learnt discipline avoid me. I disciplined myself to the point that you met me in this level of life. I saw so many manhood ooo, free, long, thick, black, soft and hard but I was forming hard to get for you. Even though I got wet but I cleaned myself up with tissue. So oga, if you can’t do same for me, dey ur dey. “

She further added, ” Do you men even know how many advances we women get every day ?Temptation, good manhood , fine boy , money and even free sex, we go dey form hard babe , wife material. Deprived ourselves of fun and adventure just to preserve ourselves for you .You go come marry me tell me say men are polygamous in nature 😀. Oga if I show you my polygamous side , 🤣🤣🤣, na self control hold us . So oga control your manhood oooo.”

Chizzy Alichi had said that she will not quit her marriage or abandon her man because of infidelity.

The movie star married to serial entrepreneur Ugochukwu Mbah told Saturday Sun that she believes men are polygamous in nature, so a good number of them are unfaithful partners.

“I can’t leave my husband because of infidelity. I have this orientation while growing up that “all men cheat”  “men are polygamous in nature” and believe it or not most men cheat (there are still good ones though and my husband is number one). If you leave a cheating partner, what is the possibility that the next person will not cheat? But anyhow, it depends on what and how it happened,” she said.