Self-acclaimed relationship expert, Joro Olumofin, has averred that it’s wrong for a woman who’s in a relationship to accept money and gits from other men.

In a post shared on his Instastory, the love doctor noted that accepting gifts from other men while being in a relationship is disrespectful and will eventually lead to cheating.

According to him, the majority of Nigerian women who do this will never allow their boyfriends or husbands to eat another woman’s food, let alone accept gifts.

In his words,

“95% of Nigeria ladies are guilty of this most ladies in relationships and marriages collect gifts and money from other guys without taking permission from their Bfs/husbands. It’s very disrespectful and will eventually lead to cheating. Some ladies will say why should I take permission from ordinary bf? But if he’s ordinary why are you with him. Most ladies wont even allow their bf’s / husband’s eat another ladies food talk-less of accepting gifts.”