A young lady who claims to have been the girl who harassed fast-rising singer, Ruger on stage, has spoken up about the incident.

While a lot of people believe she isn’t the one who actually committed the act and only made a video for clout, the lady in a now viral video is heard saying she didn’t do what she did intentionally, and even if she did, she doesn’t see it as a crime.

She’s heard saying,

“I’m not saying I’m not sorry for what I did but I don’t like the fact that everybody will just be cursing at me.

I just hold something, I did not kill him. And if he’s angry that I hold his thing, he’s not a good artist. Why will he be angry that I hold his thing?

I did not even mean to hold his thing. I just wanted to embrace him but my hand just touched there. It was just a mistake probably. Nobody should curse me. Don’t curse me because if you’re in my shoes you will do the same thing. I saw something I said let me hold it, is it a bad thing? It was a mistake”.

Watch the video as you scroll,

Vid Crd: SaintAvenue Ent