A Nigerian man has shared a screenshot of the message he received from a debtor who gave him conditions if he wants him to pay the money he borrowed from him.

Taking to Twitter, @senibobo disclosed that the debtor borrowed N750k from him in June 2021 and promised to pay back in one month, but has only paid N300k .

From the message he shared, the debtor is demanding that he draft an agreement containing his plan for repayment and if he fails to do so, he should forget about his money.

He shared the screenshot and the debit alert he received after sending the money to the debtor and wrote,

“You see why people never help! I borrowed this guy 750k since June 2021. Money he asked me to borrow him for a month, he defaulted & after 3 months he paid 300k. The remaining 450k, till now he hasn’t paid. See what the person sent me this morning. I should draft a letter. Lmao.”

See his tweet below,