A Nigerian man has cried out for help after an iPhone 13 sent to him from America suddenly disappeared from the package without any plausible explanation.

According to the man with Twitter handle @Ezevictorr, the NIPOST official claim the package was already torn when it arrived Nigeria, and the iPhone 13 pro max which was declared in America was nowhere to be found.

Man cries

The man stated that he doesn’t know the next step to take on the matter, and called on people who can help to come to his aid.

He wrote,

“This country is going down the slope fast. After waiting over two weeks for an international parcel sent by my wife since the 16th of march to arrive, I got a call from Nipost/EMS yesterday asking me to come pick it up.

On getting to Nipost office here in Asaba, I was told that there was a discrepancy on one of my parcels and I was given a letter handwritten by an Ems Nigeria official claiming that my parcel arrived torn and that the iPhone 13 pro max which was declared by EMS America to be in the box wasn’t found in it.

I don’t know even know how to process this whole thing or even where to begin pursuing this case. Attached to this thread is the letter , the receipt declaring my phone stolen, and EMS America label declaring that one phone was put in the box.”