Popular Nigerian prankster, Ubani Zion Chibuike, otherwise known as Zfancy, was recently ridiculed when he attempted to prank a lady, as he often does.

Zfancy had approached the lady in an attempt to prank her, but it didn’t go as planned. The prankster asked the lady where he could locate a nearby toilet since he was badly pressed.

The lady, who immediately recognized him as the popular prankster, refused to fall for his tricks and told him she recognized him.

She revealed that her husband had shown her some of his prank videos and she doesn’t find him and his pranks funny.
Watch video below,

A while ago, ZFancy whisked away by military men for allegedly pranking someone.

According to reports surrounding the video, the popular YouTuber got apprehended by the army officers for allegedly making an expensive joke on someone which caused the military men to arrest him.

Clad in a white tracksuit and white sneakers, ZFancy, whose content is majorly centered around pranks is flanked by the military men as they escort him into their Hilux vehicle.

A film director, Paul who filmed the moment he was being arrested by the soldiers, revealed that his phone was almost seized by the army men who refused to acknowledged that ZFancy was playing a prank.