A couple of Nigerian gentlemen have taken to their respective Twitter page to share the kind of power the women in their lives have.

They started sharing their stories after a Twitter user shared that he wishes married men would share their experiences on how much influence, control or authority their wives have over them.

His tweet prompted responses from married men and men who are dating. Read some responses as you scroll,

A Nigerian Twitter user, a while back, berated women who openly sell and buy charms to entrap rich men and exploit them.

According to the lady identified as @Girl_isBlessed on the platform, it’s saddening that women openly buy and sell charms to entrap men but no actions have been taken against them, as the society considers it as normal.

Expressing her displeasure, she noted that we live in a society with double standards, adding that if a man were to drug a lady to take advantage of her, there would be outrage, but women regularly charm men without there being any outrage or arrests. Read more here