A man has accused a police officer of extorting N130,000 from him after falsely accusing him of being an internet fraudster a.k.a Yahoo boy.

According to the man who said he was stopped by the officers around Gurumaraji camp along Ibadan expressway, they requested for his documents which he provided and disclosed that the car belonged to his friend.

He said he was told to call his friend to confirm that he didn’t steal the car, and he did. However, they went on ask for his ID card and driver’s license which he presented.

The officers were still not satisfied and started going through his phone and accused him of being a Yahoo boy.

He said, “They started saying I’m a Yahoo boy and that if I’m not why will I be driving a big car (Toyota Venza)”.

The man said he insisted that they take him to the police station, but they refused and allegedly threatened to shoot him.

He mellowed out of fear, and they eventually asked him to pay N500,000 but he begged them to collect a lesser amount because he didn’t have up to that amount.

After a couple of back and forth, he sent N130,000 to one of the officer’s account out of the N140,000 he had in his account. He identified the officer as Festus Akele.

The young man managed to take a picture of one of the officers and alleged that they didn’t let him go until the officer had received the money.