A Nigerian man has warmed the hearts of many after he revealed how he rewarded his wife for sticking with him and agreeing to marry him when he had nothing.

The man identified as Ademola Adebusoye on Twitter said when he proposed to his wife three years ago, he had less than N10,000 to his name, but she accepted his proposal and agreed to start a family with him.

Well, things are now better with him, and to reward his wife for not considering his financial condition three years ago and accepting his marriage regardless, he sent her on a vacation to Kenya.

According to him, she would be going on the trip alone, without him and their son, so that she could have the time to herself to relax and sleep well.

“When I proposed to my wife 3 years ago I had less than 10k to my name. She believed in me and said yes. Today I sent her on vacation to Kenya without our son and me, Make she go relax and have good sleep. Next one we going together, amen! I love you so much @Titiloperealtor”, he wrote.