Reps consider bill seeking to ban cross-dressing in Nigeria and jail offenders for 6 months

Umar Muda, a member of the House of Representatives has introduced a bill to prohibit cross-dressing in Nigeria.


The bill, read on the floor of the House on Tuesday, April 5, seeks to ban cross-dressing with the exemption of those using it for entertainment.


If the proposed law is passed, cross-dressers will be sentenced to 6 months in prison.


“A person engaging in cross-dressing is guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment of 6 months or to a fine of five hundred thousand naira,” the bill says.


The bill seeks to amend the same-sex marriage (prohibition) act of 2013 by including cross-dressing as one of the offences under the act.


Recall that same-sex couples and gay persons face 14 years in jail if convicted by a court.