Say Goodbye To Noise Accomodating Earphones With Oraimo

If you love oraimo’s range of smart accessories, you will most definitely be super excited about their latest addition; the FreePods Pro. oraimo pulled out all the stops to design and create these tremendous limited-edition earbuds.


And honestly, we are not in the least bit surprised.


The fantastic smart accessories brand has been consistent with its release of quality,

innovative and affordable products from smartwatches to chargers to power banks and

earphones. With the FreePods Pro, oraimo has raised the bar and heavily invested in creating and designing highly innovative earphones with features that enhance the listening experience.


Take, for example, its Pro-hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) feature. This amazing feature sets the FreePods Pro apart from every other earbud. And we’ll tell you why.

Imagine this, you’re on a flight but seated at the back and would love to listen to some music or watch a movie. But the noise is just not letting you thoroughly enjoy that. Or you are on a bus, and there is lots of noise, and your earphones are not helping you drown out the noise. The Pro-Hybrid ANC system makes the FreePods Pro your best companion in such situations.


Its advanced technology utilizes two microphones in each earphone to achieve a better noise reduction effect for up to 35dB. This is due to the Feedback (FB) ANC and Feedforward (FF) ANC technologies. The Freepods Pro is a huge step up from other earbuds in the market with Feedforward (FF) ANC, which only utilizes one microphone in each earphone, making the noise reduction effect weaker despite its lower cost.


Here’s how the Pro-Hybrid ANC utilizes the FB ANC and FF ANC to create an awesome

listening experience. The FF ANC microphone “listens” to or picks up sounds outside the

earphones, while the FB ANC microphone is positioned to pick up sounds from within the

earphones. Both these sounds are processed through the ANC chipset, which then processes the sounds, neutralizes the background noise and sends the resulting signal back into the FreePods Pro.


The end result of this is a seamless and noiseless listening experience while using oraimo’s

FreePods Pro. Its ANC feature isn’t limited to just listening. You can make calls in a noisy environment without having to worry about the person on the other end not being able to

make out what you are saying as the Environmental Noise Cancellation system suppresses the noise to create a clear and natural-sounding voice.


With all of these and more, it is evident that oraimo’s FreePods Pro are much welcome and

much-needed earbuds to upgrade your calling and listening experience.


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