Man who assaulted his wife is killed after chasing her to their neighbour

A man has reportedly died while pursuing his wife who was seeking refuge at a neighbour’s compound.


Fabian Omanyala was killed by the said neighbour identified as Robert Amukule after his wife ran to him for help.


The couple reportedly got into a domestic fight which quickly escalated, with Fabian’s wife running to their neighbour’s homestead. 


A statement by the DCI read; 


“What started as a domestic squabble quickly degenerated into a torrent of blows and kicks from Fabian Omanyala, as he assaulted his 53-year-old wife at their home in Kakemer location, Busia county”


Fabian was said to have followed his wife to their neighbor’s homestead who quickly came to her rescue. He is alleged to have launched a projectile from a catapult that struck Fabian on his forehead, leaving him dead on the spot.


The statement added; 


“Amukule, who had heard the ensuing commotion quickly came to the aid of the woman by launching a projectile from a catapult, that killed Omanyala on the spot” 


Effort to save Fabian were futile as he was pronounced dead on arrival at a nearby health facility.


Amukule immediately took off and remains at large as officers launch a manhunt.