For popular Ghanaian actor and preacher, Majid Michel, there’s nothing wrong with using and legalizing weed because it’s a God-made plant.

In a recent interview on Asaase radio, Major Michel said, “I have done drugs before and indulged in drugs before. I have done hard drugs not weed but I don’t see anything wrong with weed, it was God-made.

It was created by God. Maybe because of the smoke maybe that’s why it’s not advisable health-wise. It’s advisable for people to brew and drink it because that’s not wrong at all.

I’m for it completely but then again before anything is legalized, the government must ensure that they are ready to take responsibility and must exhaust the consequences that come with the legalization of ‘weed’ before the decision is made. Before the government decides to pass a law for the legalisation of weed then they must make sure that they’ve exhausted all possible avenues by learning from countries that have done it. If the government is not ready to take responsibility for the consequences then it should not make that decision.”  

The actor turned evangelist had advised youths to be careful of people they associate with because of peer pressure. He said, “Friends are critical, be careful in choosing your friends because those you associate with play a role in how your life turns out.”