Tiens 10,000 Leading Global Professionals Plan

On February 19, 2022, the Tiens Groups 2022 Carnival Launch Conference was
held. This year’s theme is “COLORFUL TIENS” and promotes cross-border global
business across national borders, languages, and cultures. The launch will be shared
through the company’s official website and the VShare app instant messaging live
broadcast function, and synchronously broadcast live to more than 110 countries
and regions around the world.

Tiens 10,000 Leading Global Professionals Plan

At the launch conference, Tiens Group will release the complete global development strategy, development plan, and development measure for 2022. This includes a strong emphasis on recruitment with the launch of the “10,000 Leading Global Professionals Plan” which will introduce 100 international level foreign professionals from high-level vocational education and training backgrounds into each country of operation.

Tiens 10,000 Leading Global Professionals Plan

Over the last 26 years, Tiens Group has risen to become a global player in biotechnology, health management, hotel tourism, education and training, e-commerce, international trade, higher education, and several other fields. Business reaches across 224 countries and regions, with branches in 110 countries and regions, and production bases in over 20 countries.

Tiens 10,000 Leading Global Professionals Plan

Tiens Life Science and Technology Research Institute shared with TIENS College are home to academic, post-doctoral, and Nobel Prize level departments dedicated to the research and
development, production, and sales of over 600 health goods, beauty and skin care
products, household products, and health equipment. Products have met the
appropriate standards for certification in the USA, EU, Japan, such as FDA approval,
as well as many green and organic certification levels across the world. Till now, the
network now services more than 47 million people worldwide through 32,000 family
and experience stores.

Tiens 10,000 Leading Global Professionals Plan

A shared global unified trade system has been constructed for management, education and training, logistics, procurement, customs clearance and inspection, payment, legal services, and taxation. Together with the cross-border e-commerce, customer service and professional development teams, Tiens has built a strong global platform with global channels offering broad prospects and unlimited value.

Tiens Group has always shown commitment to the development of the
education sector and made it core to their strategy. In 1996, in the initial stage of the
group’s development, the Chinese Ministry of Education approved investment in the
establishment of a full-time higher education institute – TIENS College. By 2014, a
total school funding of US$220 million had been invested. The establishment of an
international and high-level private university has long been a cherished wish of the
Tiens Group founder.


In 2015, the group began the development of a new campus of TIENS College with investment of US$2.7 billion to date, and now covers an area of 3.2 square kilometers, with building space covering 2.1 million square meters, and a capacity for 42,600 students. There are now 12,000 teachers and students living and studying in the beautiful environment of the new campus. While accelerating the development of undergraduate education and responding to the National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan” of China ( [2019] No. 4), there is also stimulus from Tiens Group to accelerate the development of modern vocational education, through attracting aspiring young people from all over the world, promoting academic and business cooperation, integrating production and
education, and pushing forward the cultivation of high-quality, high-tech, and high-
skilled personnel. While devoting to national education, the Group is also very active
in social causes and philanthropy having to date donated close to US$500 million

The one body multi-wings cross boarder business strategy based on the new
replacement and transcendence theory is the cornerstone for Tiens Group and
beacon to achieving long-term and transformational development. In the face of the
current complex international economic picture and the appearance of Covid-19
variants, Tiens Group adheres to its original entrepreneurial aspiration of “Healthy
People Serving Society” to accelerate its strategic goals globally, increase
investment, accelerate the pace of development, and promote consumption to
create wealth and business operations. Further promotion of “Family Consumption
Creates Wealth, Building Business on Family consumption Creats More Wealth”
supports people in all countries in attaining mass entrepreneurship and wealth
creation. It turns families into consumers, operators, and communicators, which
ensures employment, entrepreneurship, development, and good health for all

In 2022, Tiens Group will make several developments. There will be 10,000 new
experience stores around the world building upon the existing 32,000 stores to
promote the fast development of the main body business. The “Tai Chi Life”/Taijisun
Health Management Experience Stores are central to the network – the Body.
Marketing and cross-border e-commerce are the main Wings. They will continue to
focus on world-renowned branded products, enriched by local high-quality daily use
and daily need global products, which are bought and sold locally and globally,
replacing, developing, and sharing across the world.


For the purpose of improving the competitiveness of the logistics system, country based warehouses and the four major overseas warehouses will be joined by even more global overseas warehouses strategically placed in countries along the “Belt and Road”. These warehouses will drive multilateral trade and serve the enterprises of various countries to promote their individual characteristics. This global supply chain platform ensures smooth,
fast, and efficient global cross-border logistics, promotes cross-border integration,
and helps coordinate the development of new tourism and new hotels, new medical
care, new education, new supply chains, and new financial media, which are
powerful smaller and independent Wings supporting the development of each other and
the main Wings and Body.


In planning the wing business sector of the one body multiple wings new global cross-border strategy of “One Body Multiple Wings, Tiens Group strategy for the new global cross-border strategy encompasses “Tai Chi Life”/Taijisun Heath Management, the new experience stores, new marketing, new e-commerce, new education, new medical treatments, new tourism and hotels, new supply chain, new financial media ( which is helping local and special high-quality products from all over the country to be promoted to hundreds of cities and thousands of counties around the world through the Tiens cross-border e-commerce platform, represented by the media cooperation project ), and other transformational industries. They are developing independently and complementing each other.


They are getting stronger and stronger. They operate as the multiple Wings of a single Body, empowering each other, supporting each other, linking, and replacing. They operate in one country and in all countries, benefiting the whole world, offering a perfect and  attentive customer service which acts with a warm heart. And we support each other. We answer each other’s questions, respond to needs, share development, and promote cross-industry, cross-region, cross-border, cross-language, and cross-culture operations. The resources of new mechanisms, new models, and new intelligent presentation of big data (for example: real-time translation and communication across multiple languages in instant messaging) integrate us across multi-national currencies. This circular development spirals upwards. The flower blossom is opening. A brilliant future pattern of development will be realized.


Tiens Group attaches great importance to the operation and management concept of ‘from experience to performance’. During the 26 years of development of Tiens Group, four management books have been researched, defined, written, and published to guide enterprises to achieve remarkable development. In 2002, to summarize the Group’s experience of domestic and then overseas entrepreneurship which under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Li Jinyuan integrated the corporate culture and spirit of Tiens, “Li Jinyuan and Tiens Group” was published.


In 2003, the ‘global replacement’ business model and the theory of ‘three-in-one, six-network
interaction’ were summarized and put forward in the expansion of globalization. A
scientific and practical “The New Replacement Theory” was proposed, which is a set
of original breakthroughs. The strategy of development in a new Tiens Group way
has grown through theory and practical experience across 110 countries and regions
around the world. In 2018, Christopher Sheedy, a well-known Australian journalist
and author, explored the key to China’s rapid economic development with reference
to the milestone developments of Tiens. His work, “Tiens Memorabilia”, took three
years to complete and on its launch in 2021 was met with high praise by politicians,
Nobel Prize winners, experts, scholars, and international friends from many
countries. In October 2021, based on the in-depth interpretation of these three core
publications “Li Jinyuan and Tiens Group”, “Tiens Memorabilia”, and “The New
Replacement Theory”, in combination with the ‘One Body and Multiple Wings’
developmental strategy and theory of Tiens Group third phase of entrepreneurship,
the publication “Tiens Group’s Global Development: Replacement, Transcendence
and China’s Success” was published.


The preface was written by the former Secretary-General of the United Nations Mr. Ban Ki-moon and received recommendations from more than twenty presidents, global dignitaries, and Nobel laureates. In summary: “Li Jinyuan and Tiens Group” records the story of
entrepreneurship, “The New Replacement Theory” presents theoretical innovation,
“Tiens Memorabilia” records the process of development, and “Tiens Group’s Global
Development: Replacement, Transcendence and China’s Success” brings together
the theoretical systems. The last of these publications catalogues Tiens entrepreneurial seed. It is the Tiens manifesto. The key to understanding the 26-year dramatic rise of Tiens.


When building a career, the key lies in developing professional skills. Tiens
development of ‘One Body with Multiple Wings’ requires more like-minded skilled
professionals to make great achievements together. So, Tiens Group is implementing
the “10,000 Leading Global Professionals Plan”. In this year, Tiens will introduce 100
international professionals and high-level global foreign vocational education
professionals in each country of operation to motivate excellent mechanisms and
innovative models.


Tiens will bring on high-end professionals, especially those who are proficient in business, good organizers, good leaders who are prepared for a hard fight. Leaders of global education and excellent teams. Developers of global markets, healthy culture, team growth, and entrepreneurship. Those who can bring extraordinary results and capture a global reputation. Those who want to grow together with Tiens, achieve mutual success, share, integrate, and develop together. Tiens is a home to those who want to create a world through partnership, build global alliances, seek a place where we all develop, and shine more brilliantly in the

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