A Nigerian lady, simply identified as Stefferald, is of the opinion that age 25 is too young for a woman to leave the single’s club and get married.

She took to Twitter on Thursday, April 7, to make this assertion as she stated that the ideal age for women to settle down is between ages 26-29.

She wrote,

“In my opinion, 25 is too young an age for a woman to get married

I don’t know why but the perfect age for marriage for me falls between 26-28. 29 at a stretch. Sha from 25 and above and before 30. I feel like she’d have had enough time to do a few things before settling down. That’s my opinion tho.

By few things I don’t mean sleeping around as insinuated. I mean having enough life experience so that you don’t feel like you missed out on anything before marriage. Those experiences aren’t necessarily limited to sexual relations.

I feel it’ll help women prepare themselves. Not just for marriage but just self-actualization. To broaden their horizon, widen their scope. And also to achieve more career and other-wise without the added responsibility of building a home.”