Relationship expert, Blessing Okoro has replied to Paul Okoye after he accused women of announcing to the world when they feed a man.

According to the singer, a man will take care of a woman multiple times and won’t say a word but once a woman buys maggi to add to the soup, she tells the world she’s been feeding g the man.

Blessing in her response, told Paul that it’s because it’s the duty of men to provide. She added that it’s the same way women cook and clean often but once a man does the dishes, he tells the world he’s been turned into a house boy.

In her words;

It is because it is not a woman’s Job to provide that is why we will always grumble especially when it is not appreciated.

Let’s turn the table.

A woman will give birth, cook, clean, nurse kids but the day a man wash ordinary plate for sink, the whole world will hear say him be house boy.

Men provide, it’s your duty.

To avoid insult.