Popular fashion influencer, Nimi Nwofor, has narrated how her son almost lost his life due to an attack from a “devilish friend”.

Taking to her Instagram page on Friday, April 8, the mother of five alleged that her family was spiritually attacked by a person she called her friend, but, unknown to her, the person had evil thoughts towards her.

Sharing photos of her son, on a hospital bed, she wrote,

“I have encountered a real life demon and devil incarnate, when you hear stories like the demonic human being killed their own brother, you switch to denial mood. I and my family got shot the evil arrow ,My son almost lost his life ,no thanks to this devilish human being that called herself my friend, all sorts of evil has been directed towards my family. Be careful who you invite your home ,a demon came into our lives but we are victorious. This experience will shape my life but will NEVER change who I am ,I’ll forever be good to who deserves it”.