Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye, has sparked a debate on social media after he shared his opinion about women rendering financial assistance to men.

The singer, in a post shared via his Instagram story, opined that a man would gladly take care of his woman and her responsibilities and would never make a fuss about it. However, if roles are turned and a woman renders little assistance to a man, she brags and tells the world about it.

“A man will take care of a woman 10milion times and wont say a word. But the day a woman buys magii to add in a souo, the whole world will hear how she has been feeding you.”

Paul’s post generated varying reactions on the platform, although many agreed with his stance. See some comments below.

An Instagram user @iamdonblaqwifi wrote, “This is just the fact 4 Real I experienced this 100%”.

@perfumeology101, “Please edit it to ‘ some women’ T for Tenks…….”

@king_sammy982, “Like seriously my mother will buy something to me he will tell me if ur dad come bk tell him i know buy anything so he will give her.her money bk”.

@olami_sleek, “Not all women tho😂😂😂 me I fit buy jet for man and no one will know 😐😐😐”.