Popular Nigerian Comedian, Bovi, has taken to his social media page to seemingly debunk viral reports in the media that his colleague, Julius Agwu is critically ill.

Social media got buzzing during the week after some blogs reported that Julius Agwu’s health had drastically declined and it led to his Wife abandoning him on his sick bed for his ‘side-chicks’ to take responsibility of his healthcare.

However, in a recent Tweet from Bovi, it can be deduced that Julius Agwu is in fact, very healthy because he clubbed on Wednesday night… according to Bovi.

Bovi’s Tweet reads;

Me, Julius Agwu, Save, Buchi and Basketmouth was in the club day before yesterday. Wednesday night to be precise. Two nights ago to be exact. Just saying

In another Tweet, Bovi boldy replied a Twitter user that Julius Agwu is not sick.