Nollywood Actor, Williams Uchemba has vehemently kicked against Domestic Violence and he has promised to use his last money to jail anyone who would dare abuse someone close to his heart.

In the wake of allegations that popular Ekwueme singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu died as a result of incessant domestic violence in her Home, Williams opined that one should leave a toxic marriage to save his/her life first before the person thinks of forgiving their partner.

He also added that any religious leader who advises an abused victim to go back to a house where the victim is going through domestic violence needs to check themselves because they also are in need of therapy.

In his words;

If you are being abused through domestic violence and you take the case to your pastor/imam/leader, and he ask you to go back to the house where your abuser is, change church because that your leader needs therapy too.

Because not recognizing that the issue is not from you but the man/woman that is the abuser is a major problem.

And God help you if someone In know and care about comes to me and tells me they have been abused by you (whether physically or sexually or any kind).

Thank God I have money, cos I will make sure i use my last money to send you to jail.

If you are going through Domestic abuse/ Violence of any kind LEAVE THE HOUSE FIRST, Na person why day alive day discuss forgiveness.