Nollywood actress, Isaac Chinwe has advised men against marrying ladies who nag and cheat if they don’t want to end up being violent and abusive in the marriage.

Chinwe stated this in a post shared on her Instagram page, while seemingly reacting to the death of gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu, who died after being physical abused by her husband.

According to the actress, marriage is not a do or die affair and if any party feels like it’s not working anymore, they should leave the marriage instead of enduring the ill treatments.

She wrote,

“Don’t marry a nagging/unfaithful wife so you don’t become a violent man

Marriage is not a must, if you can’t take it “leave it”
No man should hit his woman. No woman should die in silence. If it’s not working, pls leave…… do your best as a woman of virtue but if not reciprocated, move out….. then if you are not ready to settle down, don’t go in. 📌”