An half-naked woman who stormed the pitch during the Aussie rugby league match over the weekend has been dumped by her boyfriend.

The daredevil lady identified as Javon Johanson ran into the pitch topless during the game between the Gold Coast Titans and the Parramatta Eels on Saturday, April 9 – an act she says was on her bucket list.

However, her moment of ecstasy was short-lived after she was crash-tackled by a security official while she was running wild on the pitch.Half-naked woman who stormed

Speaking in an interview with Seven News, Johanson said,

“I got what I deserved. [The security guard] was doing his job. I used to play AFL and rugby and I have three brothers, so getting tackled was not a problem.

“I know exactly what I did. It’s been a bucket list thing and when your friends say, ‘I dare you to do it’, you don’t actually think you’re going to do it. It was such a surreal, out-of-body experience,” she added.

Half-naked woman who stormed

“It’s the adrenaline of the crowd. You just hear this big roar and I was like, ‘I need to take off my top now’. I was so close to doing my bra but I was like, ‘No … that’s a bit far’.”

She also revealed that her boyfriend wasn’t aware of her plans to storm the pitch topless and broke up with her after seeing the video.

Half-naked woman who stormed

She said he sent a message that reads, “You’re an idiot and a disgrace. Thank you for an absolute embarrassment. Don’t try contact me.”