A group of aggrieved housewives came out en masse to protest the little upkeep money they receive from their husbands and a list of other things.

The women took to the streets of Kampala, Uganda on Monday, April 11 to stage a peaceful protest, airing their grievances against their husbands.

They complained about the small amount of upkeep money that their husbands gave them, the lack of appreciation they felt, and some of them stated that they deserved trips to Dubai.

In photos from the protest, the women were seen carrying placards with different phrases to express their dissatisfaction. “Wives also deserves visits to Dubai, our husbands are no longer eating at home,” some of the placards read.

According to the Daily Monitor, the women have been arrested and detained at the Central Police Station in Kampala. The Uganda Police Force said the demonstration was illegal. 

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