Popular media personality, Temilola B Akinmuda, better known as TaymiB, has condemned the culture that allows men to get away with their wrongs simply because they are men.

In a post shared via her verified Twitter handle, the OAP said it’s disheartening that men misbehave and society, and even the church, expects the woman to apologise because that’s how men are.

Speaking further, she expressed hope that women would be able to break free from this culture someday.

In her words,

“Women have suffered in this life. It’s crazy how our culture lets men get away with crazy things because they are men. Your husband acts like a complete dick head and you’re supposed to beg him because that’s how men are.

The man cheats and it’s somehow the woman’s fault cos you probably didn’t dress nice enough or cook enough. And women are being taught that this is ok the church doesn’t help either. I just hope we get free cos this shit is really heartbreaking”.