Cameroonian-born singer and entrepreneur, Dencia, has shared her thoughts on the popular phrase “every disappointment is a blessing”.

Taking to her Instagram story on Tuesday, April 11, she averred that contrary to popular belief that there’s a hidden blessing in disappointments, there’s no such thing as that.

She queried who came up with the quote and noted that the things that come with disappointments are broken trust, broken bonds, loss of friendships, family and more.

“I don’t know who came up with the quote. Ain’t no damn blessing in disappointments no matter u try to spin it.”

Her post however generated mixed reactions from social media users. See some comments below,

@mrs_jawando, “I repeat “There is blessing after disappointment” you learn and Move”.

@wendy_adamma, “Leeemaooo. Christians came up with the quote 😂😂”.

@oluwatobilobalayelorun, “That’s why you need to heal.. most disappointments are blessings”.

@spakoda, “More like Vanity Upon Vanity. Poor Man’s quote brought by Christian Rulers to deceive the people. Same people buying private Jets and all”.