In Catholic church we do not believe in divorce but there is something called seperation from bed and board and nullification - Catholic priest urges women to run away from abusive marriages

Following the death of gospel artiste, Osinachi Nwachukwu, Catholic priest, Reverend Father Chinenye Oluoma, has advised women who are in abusive marriages to leave now. 


Speaking to his congregation recently, Fr Oluoma said although the Catholic church doesn’t believe in divorce, it believes in separation from bed and board and also nullification of a marriage. 


”If your husband is beating you, he will kill you one day. He will kill  you one day. Police may arrest him, after a while they leave him. He may even leave long and remarry and if he remarries, another wicked woman, the children you suffered for, will be maltreating the children. Runaway. There is nothing pious, nothing spiritual about staying in a marrriage and you are dying gradually.

If he doesn’t kill you instantly, he will damage your vital organs and you will die at the age of 60 or fifty something. They will think it is sickness that killed you. Run away I have told you.

This is the Catholic church. We don’t believe in divorce but there is something called separation from bed and board and there is something called nullification”


He didn’t expatiate on the ”separation from bed and board” and how marriages are nullified in the Catholic church.


Watch the video below…