A shocking incident occurred at a hospital recently after doctors discovered an eight-inch dumbbell, weighing 2kg, inside a man’s rectum.

The man had gone to the Accident and Emergency department of the hospital with complains of having cramps and severe constipation.

However, he couldn’t stay calm enough for the medics to examine him so they opted to X-ray his abdomen and what they saw was shocking!

They saw a large object hanging in the 54-year-old man’s rectum, which was later discovered to be a dumbbell after it was extracted.

Man gets

According to a report in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports written by Dr Ana Elisa de Landa Moraes Teixeira Grossi and her team, a surgeon had to insert his hands into the man’s bum to remove it because tweezers couldn’t extract it.

Dr Ana wrote: “Despite the location of the object being considered high, manual transanal extraction was chosen, inserting the surgeon’s forearm with some difficulty, without post-extraction complications.”

However, they didn’t disclose how the gym equipment got stuck in the man’s rectum