‎Talented Nollywood actress, Princess Chineke has joined the voices of her other colleagues in reaction to the death of singer Osinachi Nwachukwu.

Popular gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu had died a few days ago due to alleged domestic violence and this stirred up different reactions on social media.

For Princess Chineke, women who are in abusive marriages should flee without looking back and stop using their children as an excuse.

She wrote: “Public Announcement: NOBODY’S SON SHOULD HIT ME O!!! ALL IN THE NAME OF MARRIAGE. Say No to Domestic Violence irrespective of Gender. God gave you Brain and Legs for a reason, Use it. Run away , speak out for Help. It’s better to be alive and train your kids than. Die on the marriage because of your kids, you are not Jesus, Jesus already paid the Prize.”

Kemi Filani had earlier reported Anselm Madubuko’s reaction to Osinachi’s death.

Madubuko, the Senior Pastor of the Revival Assembly Church Lagos,  had said religion killed the Ekwueme crooner.

Recall that the the 42-year-old singer died on Friday at an undisclosed hospital in Abuja where she was being treated for an ailment.

 Since her death, there have been allegations that she died as a result of gender-based violence (GBV) perpetrated by the husband. 

Taking to his official Facebook page on Monday April 11, Pastor Madubuko also predicted more separations and divorces among couples. 

“Religion killed Osinachi”, he wrote. Adding, ” Eisssssh..Coming soon. Separations and Divorces…Brace up guys. So help us dear Lord!. As long as we believe that knowing Jesus alone is not enough for heaven, people will keep dying out of fear.”