Popular Nigerian Dancer Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau, better known by her stage name Kaffy has also reacted to the viral video of a 10 year old Chrisland student involved in a sex scandal.

According to the divorced mother of two parents are expected to do more in raising their kids uprightly, while schools on their parts should also fulfill their duties.

Kaffy made it known that a broken person can only raise a broken child with the help of a broken system.

Sharing a tread on her Instagram platform, Kaffy wrote, ” Hmmmm….. this is sad! I am so disappointed at  not just the parents( bigger blame on them ) but also the school systems and their child protection policies. Parents as you can see, from DOWEN now to this 🤷🏽‍♀️ we have to realize no one will take care of our kids better and no one is more responsible than the parents.

“I agree with the closure of the school my kids go there but it’s better I raise them from home than a place not prepared to do their due diligence. I have hosted a camp before and I never let any room be without a chaperone, security personnel’s were on watch the hotel  hallways, and so many other protocols. Being strict as teachers isn’t enough a lot of measures must be put in place.”

“It’s the business you are in and requires that much attention to detail. I am vexed !!!Broken people will raise broken people, especially with the help of a broken system Education, government and religion).  They say it takes a village to train a child, this alone shows the gravity of the task of doing so.”

She continued below…