The rainy season has arrived, and now is the time to stay warm while still looking fashionable.

Aside from carrying a shower cap and umbrella as essentials in your baggage, you should also combine your attire with the weather and office dress code while choosing your outfit during this season.

Check these 6 rainy season style tips every working woman should know:

Cropped pants is a must have this season

Rainy season is the best time to rock your cropped pants. This is because they won’t drag on the wet ground and require little thought when you’re jumping over puddles on your way to the office.

Try Dark Colors

Rainy season styles

Dark colours tend to hide spots and stains and they’re less transparent when they get wet. The most important piece to choose in a dark colour is trousers.

You should have a jelly bag

Rainy season styles

Invest in a jelly bag. Jelly bags are as stylish as your leather bags and are equally available in different designs.

Midi skirts are great for the season

Rainy season styles

Give your wide leg pants a break, and bring out those midi skirts. They help to keep you warm and still maintain a formal yet stylish appearance.

Buy a pair of jelly shoes

Rainy season styles

Just like jelly bags, jelly shoes are perfect for the rainy season. They are comfortable and not expensive.