Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has offered to donate N500,000 towards the permanent removal of the controversial sxx video of the underage students of Chrisland school from the internet.

This comes after the saga that began over the weekend, when Ubi Franklin claimed a 10-year-old female student of the school was raped by her colleagues while on a school trip to Dubai for a competition.

He accused the school of not informing the girl’s parents about the incident and attempting to cover it up.

However, subsequent reports claim the girl was not raped as she willfully participated in the sexual activity during a Truth or Dare game.

A video of the underage girl seemingly riding her fellow student also surfaced online.

Tonto Dikeh, a mom of one, has now offered to donate N500,000 to permanently remove the sxx video from the internet.

She said the procedure costs a lot of money and appealed to well-meaning people to also donate towards the cause.

Taking to her Instagram page, the philanthropist wrote,

“I have been in touch with someone who can get this video off the net for good! The price is outrageous. @ubifranklinofficial. I will donate 500 thousand naira only and we can push this to concerned fans and children advocator to contribute or the parents can work it up. Which ever way, the first step is trying to heal these kids. And work on how to punish the school for it’s involvement in the cover up and neglect.”

“If we want to help, we can start from here!! @officalthetontodikehfoundation. Chrisland school can also Pay it off, that’s the least they can do NOW. Yes it may be on people’s phone but YOU CANT GOGGLE IT and MAY NOT BE ABLE TO UPLOAD EVER AGAIN Without alerting the authorities once posted Again.”