UK boxer, Dillian Whyte has knocked WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury ahead of the world heavyweight championship fight at Wembley this Saturday, April 24.


Whyte did not attend the pre-fight press conference last month but the 34-year-old despite maintaining media silence for months, is now opening up about the long-awaited world title bout.  


‘This isn’t the Tyson Fury show; this is the Tyson Fury and Dillan Whyte show,’ Whyte said. 


‘From where I stand, it’s the Dillian Whyte and Tyson Fury show – but from where he stands, it’s the Fury-Whyte show. He’s heavyweight champion, so I understand what they’re doing, saying, whatever. But you can’t buy a high-performance car and not put high-performance fuel in it, and that’s what they’re trying to do.



‘They won the [purse bid], they’re trying to treat me like nothing. They don’t want to pay anything, they don’t want to look after things properly. They wanted to just say: “Well, we won the fight, you have to do what we say.”

Whyte also called the Fury team hypocritical for criticism of his non-attendance at the press conference, saying Fury himself has done similar in the past.

‘This is a man that’s weighed in and pulled out of a fight on the day of the fight […] It’s a man that pulled out of the [Wladimir] Klitschko [rematch],’ Whyte said. 


‘People forget that Tyson Fury didn’t turn up to the Wladimir Klitschko press conference. Everyone’s giving me stick, and he was contractually obliged to go to that – I wasn’t contractually obliged to go to any press conference.


‘I don’t care what Tyson Fury says, he says a lot of s***. His mouth’s like a toilet, he just keeps flushing and flushing and flushing and flushing. He just flushes any kind of random s*** that comes out of his mouth.


‘Me and him are gonna have a fight regardless, so I don’t care about mind games. I’m a fighter, I’m a warrior. If he wants it – any time, anywhere – I’m down. I don’t give a f*** about this, that and the other. He can’t get in my head. Even if he gets in my head, he’s only gonna find a lot of disturbance in there.’