A man has warmed the hearts of many social media users after a video which portrayed his selflessness and kindness in the face of adversity was shared online.

A content creator, identified as Ositapopcorn, had taken to the streets to conduct a social experiment where he asked random people to buy fuel for him because he forgot his wallet at home.

He went to a petrol station and approached the man who simply identified himself as Kolade, and explained his predicament to him.

Without thinking twice, the man disclosed that he has only N1,000 cash on him and offered to share it with him. In the same breath, he revealed that his wife was in premature labour in the hospital and he was in need of N15,000 to settle her medical bill.

Ositapopcorn then disclosed that he didn’t really need the N1,000 and was only conducting a social media experiment to see if people would help him. He then gave the man N5,000 cash as a reward for his kindness.

The man who seemed troubled by his wife’s medical condition, was awash with gratitude and almost prostrated to thank the young man for the money.

Watch the heart-warming video below,